Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Beats Its Predecessors In Many Ways

The Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s Note line of product is a different league altogether. It is not just a phone; it is a full-fledged computing device in itself which combines the features of a phone and a tablet. Although there is no such official name, but we still call it a phablet. In this line of devices, the latest one is Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you are a Note 2 user, you must be wondering what the buzz is about and whether you need to upgrade to Note 3 or not. Here are some comparisons between Note 3 and its predecessor Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is sleeker and slimmer than Note 2

It is so much better if the phone could be made sleeker, narrower and slimmer without actually affecting the size of the display screen. This is exactly what Samsung has done with Galaxy Note 3. Keeping the screen size same, it has made the phone sleeker and slimmer. This means it is easier to hold it in your palms.

Thickness of Note 2 is 9.4 mm while Note 3 is only 8.3 mm thick. Note 2 is 81 mm wide while Note 3 is only 79 mm wide. Height of both the phones remains the same at 151 mm.

Note 3 is lighter than Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy is a MUST HAVE!

The Samsung Galaxy is a MUST HAVE!

It is not only the size that matters, it is also the weight. What if you get better features, better quality, better processing and lighter weight? Note 3 offers you all of it. Note 3 is just 168 g as compared to its predecessor Note 2 which is 180 g. Lesser weight means it is easier to carry around and more convenient to use.

Expect a bigger and far better display with Note 3

One big reason why you should consider upgrading from Note 3 to Note 4 is the display. Not only is the display about 7 percent bigger, it also offers better resolution. The screen size of Note 3 is 5.7 inches while Note 2 screen is 5.5 inches. Bigger size comes with better resolution too. Note 3 offers a full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 while Note 2 only has 1280 X 720 resolution.

Expect Note 3 to be only slightly faster than Note 2

It puts the smart in smartphones

It puts the smart in smartphones

Note 3 is a much faster processor than Note 2, but you also need to remember that it is supporting much better resolution which requires higher processing speed. You may therefore not notice too much of a difference in the processing speed. Note 3 uses a quad core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor while Note 2 runs on a 1.6 Ghz quad core Exynos Quad processor. Note 3 also has higher RAM at 3 GB than Note 2 which has a 2 GB RAM. This will make you notice some difference in performance.

New models are always better than the old models and this is the reason why they are launched. But before you plan for an upgrade, you must always figure out whether you really need the new device or you are being carried away by the buzz created by the manufacturer.

How To Get Her Back – Slowly But Surely

You broke up... How do you her back?

You broke up… How how do you get her back?

After a few minutes, you realized what you’ve lost and now, you want her back. The problem is you don’t know how. Things like this happen to both sexes. They both get attacked by a moment’s stupidity and then afterwards, they realize how smart they would have been if they chose to work out simple differences. If you let go of your girl and you want her back, these tips will help you.

Don’t reach out too soon

Spend at least two weeks apart without communicating to her. This gives you time to let things cool down, to let anger or bitterness slightly subside, and to make sense of the entire situation.

Make yourself happy

Indulge yourself by living the life of a single man during those two weeks that you’re apart. Explore the things you failed to try during your relationship. This kind of diversion helps you regain focus and helps you identify the things about yourself that needs improvement.

Reflect about the breakup

Think about why did this happen

Think about why it happened in the first place

Why did she leave you? Think about what she last said to you. Did she show you any signs that a breakup is about to come? What things did she persistently try to change in your relationship? The answers you have to these questions can lead you to an insight: the reason she left you will be the same reason she’ll come back.

Test the waters

An ideal manner to begin reaching out to her would be doing it lightly. Don’t get to the serious stuff right away. The best way to approach her is to think about the first time you did. How was your demeanor? How did you talk to her? Letting your humorous side take over at this point is very helpful if you are to make her respond.

Keep things consistent

After your initial success, maintain your communication and ask her if she wants to meet up. If she agrees, make every effort to keep the atmosphere casual. Make sure that you take her out not only once. Remember that you’re still about to take the plunge so making her trust you once more is important.

It’s show time!

Make your move... and be smart about it!

Make your move… and be smart about it!

Once you established a steady connection with her, it’s time get down to business. Let her know what you’ve learned those weeks following the breakup. Show her how you’ve grown since her dramatic exit. Most importantly, you need to make her feel that you’ve indeed changed and have become a better man.

Work on your relationship

If she accepts your offer for reconciliation, make it a point to remember the things you’ve told her. The things you promised (or at least verbalized) to her are the same things you need to work on. Don’t disappoint her by making her feel that everything you said is just for show. Remember that all people in a relationship have some growing up to do. You had your turn so it’s time to act mature.

You have every reason to celebrate after getting your girl back. A part of that celebration is an acknowledgment that you’ve grown as an individual. If you’re really worthy to be called her man, then be that man who you wanted to become. Trust that she may have something different in mind when it comes to what kind you should become, but this is true: if you turn out to be someone better than the first time, then that’s good enough for her.

Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Help him/her to achieve that goal: To lose weight

You can help your loved one reach their weight loss goals

It should be easy to want to lose weight when you think you have hit rock bottom. What’s harder is when other people, especially a loved one, have hit it and they are not even aware of it. What’s worse is when they know their condition very well but could not get themselves to do something about it. That’s when you know you should be doing some action yourself. Being on the dieter’s side might appear difficult, but once you know what to do, the dieter could go a long way with your help.

You are not a coach, but a cheerleader

Once you’ve gotten your loved one to realize their need to lose weight, your role does not include finding faults in everything he does. What’s best is focusing on what he does right and cheering him on to continue the good work. Say, when he has reached a short-term goal, applaud him, or if he has not, applaud him still for trying. All he needs is a little appreciation on the efforts he has exerted.

Actively participate in their program, too

Be part of the experience

Be part of the experience

It’s always motivating if you someone else joins with you in achieving your goals. Be that someone for your loved one. This means you also have to try the things they are trying, like the diet foods they are eating or the exercise program they are taking up at the gym. There is definitely no harm in trying. You are not only giving your loved one a push to fitness; you are also keeping yourself healthy, as well.

You care about the person, not just his weight

Sooner or later, the dieter may think you are only urging him to lose weight because you do not want him to look fat. While this may be true, show him that you are not only after his weight loss, but that you care about that person entirely. The reason you are encouraging him to lose weight is that you care about his total health – in all of its aspects.

Be aggressive in your support

Encourage them to stay healthy

Encourage them to stay healthy

Being “aggressive” means you should not wait for the dieter to come after you for help. Let them know firsthand that you are always there when you need them. Even when he does not call or text you to update you with his progress, be the one to check up on him. Ask him how he’s doing and how far he has gone, not just with the food or the dieting, but with life in general. This will help him realize that your care is genuine and that you are thinking about them and not their weight.

As much as it is hard for you to keep your loved one back on the track to a healthy lifestyle, it is hard for him as well. So the most important thing that you should remember is to stay positive. Don’t give your loved one a reason for him to give up too easily. Be with him in his accomplishments and failures and be that support that they need.

Home Gold Parties Are Both Profitable & Fun

Organize a gold home party

Organize a gold party

Gold home parties are still profitable and there is a reason behind it. All the people who attend these parties not only earn money but they also have fun. The guests in your house make money because they are able to sell their unused silver and gold jewelry. You make money because you buy these jewelries at a low price and sell it to the buyers. When you arrange a gold party, you will have a gold buyer present in your home. All the jewelries that your guest will bring will be first assessed by the buyer and he will decide their rates.

How do you make money as a host in the gold party?

Get your share for organizing the home gold party

Get your share for organizing the home gold party

It is very simple. You invite people to your house telling them you are organizing such a party and all those interested can come and sell their gold and silver items if they want to. Your guests usually are people from your neighborhood but they can be your relatives too. People will present their gold and silver items they want to sell and the buyer will assess them and offer them the proper price. There may be negotiations depending upon the guidelines you have set. Once the buyer gets a minimum amount of sale, he will give you a percentage of the total sale amount. The percentage depends upon your contract with the buyer.

Why gold home party is called so?

Buying and selling gold

Buying and selling gold

Gold home party is actually a party; which means you don’t invite guests for transaction purposes only. The guests come to your house for the party. You will arrange it like a normal party wherein you will offer food, drinks, snacks, and meals. The kind of party you organize depends solely on you and the budget you can afford. But you need to make sure that everyone in the party has fun because you would like to keep reorganizing it. Repeat parties mean more profit for you. But people will only come back if you make them enjoy and they have fun. If the party goes well, you may also get a lot of word of mouth and referrals for the next time.

The bigger the party, the bigger the profit

Getting profit from gold

Make money from your unused gold

The idea should be to make your party as big as possible. The more the number of guests the more will be the sale and the more you will get the profit. To host a big party you need to have a space big enough to accommodate everyone. If you do not have a large space, you can also rent it for a day. Even if you do not get enough profit initially, you should continue focusing on the quality of the party. A good party will get you lot of referrals.

Home gold parties are a great way to earn extra income. However, you need to make sure that your guests get a good deal on their gold and silver items. “They shouldn’t feel cheated after the party. Always get a trustworthy buyer who is ready to offer good deals to you.

Small Business 101: Building Strong Social Relationships

Start a small business

Start a small business

In a survey conducted by in August 2013, researchers have found that small businesses are not taking advantage of building customer relationships online. The survey, which included both small business owners and consumers, revealed that small businesses are still reliant on the face-to-face interaction they have with consumers. According to David Brown, Chairman and CEO of, consumers are now calling for small businesses to start building relationships online as well. How will your business do that?

Customers prefer to deal with small businesses

Dealing with large business entities can take much of a customer’s time. While it is widely accepted that large companies offer competitive products and have access to innovation systems, they lack one thing that customers are after: the personal touch in doing business.

What small businesses should do: Small businesses need to start creating opportunities to foster strong social relationships. Building a website is a good start. As a business’ website slowly becomes popular, more people will notice. And because more people appreciate the personal touch offered by small businesses, word will naturally spread around.

Customers prefer to do business with small businesses that are present online

Among the consumers included in the survey, 83% said that they prefer going to businesses that have their own website.

Create a website for your small business

Create a website for your small business

What small businesses should do: Related to the first point, small businesses who build their own website and who start building their social media presence are more likely to attract customers. A website and a social media page is an indication of credibility as information about products, services, and the companies are accessible to consumers.

Business owners overestimate the capabilities of their social media presence

Business owners think that having a website and a social media page is enough. They fail to consider the reward they can get by maintaining their online pages: customer engagement.

What small businesses should do: Having a static page or a social media page that rarely gets updated does not encourage business. Majority of the customers in the survey said that they think that small businesses should do more when it comes to their online assets. This means more content, more opportunities for interaction, and more personalization in engagement.

Business owners who take care of their online assets (i.e. website, social media pages) have better chances of driving sales

If a small business’ website or social media page is what exactly customers are looking for, they are more likely to check the business out, refer it to their friends, look for others who previously dealt with the same business, and purchase a product.

What small businesses should do: Small businesses need to work on establishing one quality that sets their physical business and online business presence apart from the rest: consistency. Consistency translates to “what your store offers should reflect on your website and other social media pages.” This helps inform customers that what they see is what they get (and maybe more) without even setting foot in an actual store.

Small businesses are yet to embrace the idea that their online presence will bring them profitable results in the long run

Citing concerns over costs and business performance, some business owners are still reliant on the brick-and-mortar approach to selling. A few of them are considering the idea of tapping the Internet while very few have their own websites now and are profiting from it.

Keep in contact with your customers... They'll provide feedback

Keep in contact with your customers… They’ll provide feedback

What small businesses should do: Majority of the business should follow what the chosen few are doing when it comes to going online. If a business goes online, it will receive more exposure. If a business taps social media networks, customer engagement can take place. Finally, if a small business gets listed online, it will be indexed. This means that it will become a part of the World Wide Web and it will never leave.

In sum, building strong social relationships starts by establishing online presence. Once done, an opportunity for engagement is created. If engagement ensues, more customers will be drawn to the business. Soon, a business will see long-term growth by being consistent to its promise, to its brand, and to its customers.