Application of Haasbot 2.0

As already mentioned, Haasbot 2.0 is aimed at the mainstream. The target group of the software are traders who already understand the market and know exactly what they are doing. This does not mean, however, that Haasbot is incomprehensible and therefore too complicated for the hobby trader. However, you should ALWAYS be aware of the risk of suffering a total loss!

With three different licenses, three different standard bots and an almost infinite number of combinations of securities, indicators and hedges, a layman without any bot experience may quickly lose track of the situation. Haasonline wants to prevent this problem with a detailed wiki that contains detailed guidelines. Haasonline also offers a support forum for user queries and helpful tips.

Due to the large number of possible settings, not all scenarios could be tested.

Bitcoin news about the Installation and Setup

The 2.0 update has given the Haasbot a completely new look and an easy-to-understand user interface. The installation process of the web-based application is relatively simple and fast according to the Bitcoin news. The developers recommend Google Chrome as the default browser for using the bots. After the installation the bot only needs to be fed with the respective license and API information. Then it can already start. Here are more Bitcoin news by onlinebetrug.

The clear dashboard offers the user a good overview of the active bots and all possible settings in the browser interface. Only the mobile view leaves something to be desired.

The selection of trade, order and arbitrage bots is quite simple, but the setup of the bots can take quite a while, depending on the desired setting.

A completely new feature of the 2.0 version are the script bots which are all programmable in C#. Understandably, the setup of these bots requires a little more time and knowledge.

The Haasbot 2.0 is available in three languages (English, German and Dutch) and contains new indicators like Elliot Prediction, Fibonacci and IchiClouds.

Bitcoin news about 3 different bots

As already mentioned in the Bitcoin news, Haasbot 2.0 offers three different types of preconfigured bots. The trade bot acts based on the user’s pre-configured combination of indicators, collateral and hedges on the buy and sell signals. The purchase or sale is then executed with various cross-references. In addition, the bot queries the previously defined securities and hedging before buying or selling according to the Bitcoin news.

The most frequently used hedges are Dynamic Drop Losses and Static Drop Losses, which monitor the price and immediately execute a trade in the event of a sudden drop in the price and if a previously defined threshold value is exceeded.

Based on the license, a number of different indicators are also available to the user. The most popular indicator is the „Overcome Fee“ indicator. This indicator only trades when the profit exceeds the fees.

Order bots trade based on pre-defined conditions and orders. Order bots can be tailor-made and set up according to the user’s wishes. Thus the user has the possibility to combine different conditions in only one bot and to emulate a support or a resistance.

Arbitrage bots can be applied to Bitcoin exchanges that allow trading in different currencies. This even allows the user to profit from currency fluctuations. In such a scenario, the bot is configured to a certain base currency and as soon as it detects a currency fluctuation, a corresponding trade is executed. These are also known as low-risk trades.

Configuration of the Bots

There are countless ways to configure the bots. This allows the user to use very sophisticated strategies and let the bots act together. For example, a bot can automatically take over if another bot is not profitable enough. Such a strategy requires careful planning.

With the help of the „backtesting function“ (simulation) the user can see how the respective bot, based on historical market data, would have acted in the last 3 hours – 32 weeks. This function simplifies the configuration considerably and prevents errors. The backtesting function can be applied to trading and arbitrage bots.