Does this mean that your app is not a dApp and does not need any crypto reference?

In my opinion the currently available blockchains are all either too unstable, slow or too expensive to consistently develop FitLeap as a dApp right from the start. That’s why we decided to first build a native iOS and Android app and cover the handling and checking of the health and activity data with the blockchain technology. As described in the introduction, our goal is to establish mass blockchain applications. This requires, for example, that my brother can also use FitLeap. He has no connection to the crypto world. But he goes to the gym three times a week and tracks his data.

If you ask me, this is exactly one of the biggest problems of the scene – no existing mass suitability! That’s why we separate the crypto reference between users and investors.

So what does your business model look like and how do you make Bitcoin profit?

Our Bitcoin profit business model is divided into three areas – the app, the marketplace and B2B. The last two points are exciting. We are developing a marketplace in which FitLeap users can get their favourite products such as sportswear, supplements, etc. at a much lower price than in regular shops based on their activity. I myself have been working in the eCommerce industry for many years and can contribute my full know-how here. But the biggest and at the same time most exciting Bitcoin profit area is B2B. Let’s take the health insurance companies as an example. They are obliged to invest millions every year in prevention, have massive pressure to innovate and spend an average of over 1,000 euros on a new customer.

„Unfortunately“ (or fortunately) they cannot buy health data from other providers due to regulations. But what if every user has his data through FitLeap and can decide for himself whether he wants to make it available for a discount on his monthly health insurance contributions or not?

At this point we only connect the end user with the B2B partner and have no access to the health data at any time. This distinguishes us considerably from established fitness apps.

What makes you so sure that the rather cumbersome and not exactly known for digitization health insurance companies will jump at such innovative solutions?

The public’s impression is perhaps a little deceptive. Not all health insurance companies are cumbersome. Some of them, such as AOK Nordost, have already done amazing pioneering work here. For our so-called Product Market Fit, we have been holding talks with experts and decision-makers from the healthcare industry for hours now as supporters of the lean start-up mindsets. No matter whether it is the private or statutory health insurance, the life insurance or the regulatory side, i.e. the legislation. Our founding team and especially our consultants are extremely well networked here.

What will the next Bitcoin profit steps look like, what will be next at FitLeap?

We are currently working with our team at MVP, with an emphasis on Bitcoin profit. Furthermore, we are currently clarifying the last legal issues around our security token, which we are selling to investors in a seed round. In the coming weeks, our followers will be able to see and admire a lot here. We have set up a group on Facebook to document the development process of FitLeap transparently with weekly live streams.